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Why ”Type Beats” Are A Thing Of The Past

And why you should opt for an original.


While you may be inspired by an other artist going for a ”type beat” isn’t necessarily the best option. In 2021 it’s no secret that the music industry is full of people trying to succeed. You need to make sure that you stand out , this starts with a unique beat and flow. Creating your own character and universe is key to discovering yourself and using ”Type Beats” will only restrain your creative mind to a small box created by another artist.

When choosing your beat go for one that rings true to you, that tunes with your rhythm. Laying down your lyrics will be easier and people will appreciate YOUR art more since you’ll stand out.

Plagiarism risk

Remember when you had to write an assignment for school? so you kind of changed up the words found on Wikipedia? Well, ”type beats” are kind of the same except in music it’s much easier to spot plagiarism. If you decide to purchase a beat based on one of your favorite songs and there is tangible similarities, there is a risk of being accused of plagiarism… Especially if your song gets popular.

By purchasing a unique and exclusive beat (Music licensing basics) you will also buy that peace of mind.


This one is not a given but is often very true. ”Type beats” are the easiest kind of beats to produce. Usually, they are not well Mixed and mastered, meaning that the levels can be off. If you show up in a studio you might get turned away or be disappointed to learn that the final result will not be as good as what you wished for. Since the beat to start was not of quality, it is very hard to record and come out with a quality song.

By choosing an original in most cases you’ll know that the producer usually has more musical knowledge. The beat will probably be of a higher quality giving you a better result.


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