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The Stages Of Making A Song

The major steps and what you should expect.

Choosing your beat

Stage 1 : Choose your player, pick a beat that makes you feel good. A beat that has the colors and vibes you are seeking for. STAGES 1 AND 2 can be interchanged , if so, the tempo ( BPM ) and Key can play on the delivery of your already written text. Make sure you choose wisely.

Look for a structure in there as well as sounds that will get stuck in your listeners’ head. You should always sign a contract when buying a beat for your license and royalties.


Stage 2 : Writing your text. Now, If you were to interchange steps 1 and 2, this part would be choosing your beat and trying to make them fit together. But considering writing is your second step , get comfortable and let your creativity flow. Stay mindful of the structure and placement of your words. You can also refer yourself to our ”Song Structures & Elements” Knowledge Bomb.

The lyrics is the part in which you get to truly express yourself and get to your listeners’ feelings.


Stage 3 : Studio time , this is the time to turn your project into a tangible form. Choose your studio wisely, with an experienced engineer, good reviews and a studio that will give you the best value for your money. Again , make sure contracts are signed concerning royalties and mix and master is included in the price.

Check out ”The secret sauce for a perfect studio session” Knowledge Bomb for more tips.

Mix and master

Stage 4 : Mix and Master, this part is not really yours because you”ll need to wait for your engineer to finish polishing your song. There might be a bit of back and forth between both of you to make sure that everything is fit to your liking.

NEVER cheap out on this part. If you are not satisfied with your mix, say it and if your requirements are not met, find someone else who will help you do it. The mix and master is what makes your song sound good on all speakers and makes it timeless. P.S : We have a ghost engineer service! Our team can redo a mix our mix and master one of your projects.

Launch preparation

Stage 5 : Preparing the launch is meticulous and needs to be done in a calculated way. We have laid out a few marketing technique for you. You can refer yourself to the ” How to Make a successful song” and ”Ways to put yourself out there as an artist” Knowledge bombs. You want people to know that something is coming. It is also the time for you to make some fine tuning.

Launch preparation is not necessarily fun but it will determine the outcome of your song.


Stage 6: Now you get to see your efforts come to light. Arrange yourself a little launch party. If you have a clip then you should set up a premier. Watch the views & streams come in and don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes it can take time. Be patient with yourself, be proud. Working on a song can be thrilling but also stressful, so get some time to rest.

Enjoy your success and start over again when your batteries are full.

*Disclaimer : This KB is based on popular practices in the industry . There are many other possibilities.


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