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The perfect studio session

The secret sauce, things you should do before you go into a Pro recording studio.


Set goals and intentions for your session ; What do you want to accomplish? How will this make your career move forward? Make sure to communicate and share those goals with your audio engineer.

Music is about work and dedication. Every move should be made to push you forward as an artist. Setting goals before every session helps you keep your head in the game, re-center yourself on your priorities and therefore arrive in a better state of mind.

A good session is also all about the vibe. You also should always feel comfortable enough to share with your audio engineer and ask questions. They are often times the key players that will help you ultimately achieve those set goals.

Be ready

Being ready is gold not only for you but also for your team. Having your text done will save a lot of time especially if you are going at a studio that charges a higher rate and you want to finish your project in one session. Choosing your beat in advance is also a way to cut down on time. This will allow you to rehearse at home and come in fully prepared. You will have all the time to focus on recording.

Being ready is a MAJOR way to reduce stress and having the perfect session. You should also be ready physically and mentally well rested. Eat well before your session and drink loads of water to keep your voice healthy.

Have fun

It is very easy to get overwhelmed but remember to have fun when you get there. Music is a passion, a pleasure, you should enjoy every step of it. Make it about you; everyone in the studio is there FOR YOU and to work in your best interest. Stress is only going to block you and you will not be able to fully live the beautiful experience of recording a song. When getting there, shake off any negative feelings or anticipation and leave your stress at the door.

Music is Art at it’s core, emotion, feelings and colors. Don’t make it about performance, pressure or ego. Take a step back remember why you’re here, Get in the booth and have fun. ENJOY


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