Knowledge Bombs

The Key Players On Your Team

And how they will help your career


Being a manager is no small task but as an artist having one is gold. Your manager is the one who will work by your side to get you the best opportunities and deals. A manager needs to be comfortable with creating new relationships and links, talking to new people, and putting themselves out there. Managers are also your helper for your schedule as they are usually the bridge between you and your connections.

Your management team can be composed of many different people, but your manager will usually be the leader of the pack following your lead. Managers are the business brains.


Now this player is a major shortcut. Having a producer on your team with whom you’re used to work with; will help you create better and more consistent music. Every artist has their preferences as to bass and instruments used in their tracks, to the way their mix comes out. You can also have your preferences about the way that you are recorded and the effects that are added to your voice. All these settings can be hard to remember and frankly it’s not your job.

Siding with one producer for most of your work and collaborating with others from time to time will help you work faster as well.

Artistic Director

An artistic director is someone who will assist you in your craziness as an artist. Your ‘’A.D’’ will help you make your vision come alive by putting down plans and using their resources. They are also there to help you push your thinking and creativity further when you need it. They will guide you towards your creative goals. Artistic directors are always well ”plugged” in the industry so they are able to give you access to things easier as well as keeping you trendy.

An A.D will also be your advocate and assistant on sets, shoots and studio sessions to make sure that everything goes in the best creative and artistic way.

Whether it’s a manager, producer, A.D or even friends, when starting a career you want to be well surrounded. Always make sure you can count on the people who are there to push your career and don’t be scared to put things on paper, contracts. Your people should also be able to help you go in new directions while also having common goals and aligned values.


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