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Song Structures And Elements

Verse ”V”

The verse is the vehicle for story telling. It is usually a succession of rhymes or a poem told in a rhythmic way. Verses are not too crowded with voices , sounds or backs as the main focus is really the voice and story telling. The key or note is usually lower pitched than the chorus. They are also lengthier and more complex word and phrase wise than the chorus. Depending on what song structure you decide to go with, you’ll find about two to three verses in most songs.

Verses are the place where you can really let your creativity flow and play with words as there is much less restrictions then in choruses.

Chorus ”C”

The chorus is very important in a song. It is composed of simple yet very catchy melodic phrases. It’s what makes a song stuck in your head. The chorus is where you’ll find the main idea of the song (the hook). It is usually higher pitched than the rest of the song to give that climax feel to it. You’ll also find more back vocals and more effects on the voice during the chorus.

The chorus will usually come back two to three times depending on what structure you chose. However, the lyrics and flow will always be the same as the chorus does not change through out a song.

Bridge ”B”

The bridge is usually the one part of the song that’s completely different than others yet still respecting the place of the chorus. It’s used to tie in the story either by putting a conclusion to it, leaving suspense or even creating a transition to something new. Depending on the structure of your song, in most cases, the bridge will boost the final chorus to create a peak effect but it will only come once. If used after the final chorus then it is used to bring closure.

The bridge is the perfect place to bring a culmination of all the emotions transmitted through out the song. This is where you want to go hard and really let the listener feel what you are trying to tell them.

Now that you have this template , you can add, flip and switch things to your liking. Nothing in music is set in stone as it is art but sometimes guidelines can help to get your creativity going and stay organized. Have a good writing session!

*Disclaimer : This KB is based on popular practices in the industry . There are many other structure possibilities.

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