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Rise n Connect April 9th

Reviewed by Miso

In Montreal, various communities exist and coexist, assisting one another in promoting their value. It is possible to find a shoe that fits you, whether you are religious, ethnic, or simply interested in art. Having stated that, today’s topic is about a specific community whose goal is to promote its members and assist them grow. In this article, I will be talking about their recent networking event that was made and organized recently to help artists make their trade known.

I am talking about Rise n Connect

community is a social group whose members have something in common, such as a shared government, geographic location, culture, or heritage.

In brief, this is an event that took place in Montréal on April 9th 2022. Their aim was to assist Montreal‘s residents in forming connections with other artists to give power to the community.

There was art in every form imaginable, including fashion, music, drawings, tattoos, and even food and tea.

There were live performances by numerous Montreal musicians, including live music by Dj Kiari and young talents GxldenChild, Malko and Prince Amine. Artists Jordan Daniele and Morhange where displaying their artwork while the African fashion brand Vakomana was on the spot to sell some of there best wear piece. There was a food service hosted by Masterpiece Kitchen and a Tea vendor called Auras tea. If you felt adventurous you could also get a tattoo at the station of the Grey Market salons. I was fortunate enough to have access to the event and to be able to speak and engage with so many individuals. I wanted to share my experience and some of my personal favorite discoveries with you.


At first, I was able to connect with the creator of EDT Productions, Nicolas. EDT is a production company that helps artist put their vision to reality. They take care of all visuals an artist could need. Meeting with this team was a great experience given the fact I was able to connect with people that shared our vision of expanding the presence of art and allowing artists to flourish.

This was an example of what Rise n Connect hoped to achieve.

Two different teams from different parts of the art world connecting and learning about each other’s trade.  From my research, I was then able to get more familiar with EDT’s work and I can recommend watching ‘’Sombre Melo’’ by Borislevrai or ‘’Potion’’ by Greezy to see his production talent. 

Sombre Melo by Boris Levrai

Greezy- Potion

Then, as I walked throughout the site, I was able to conect with a variety of different creators, all of whom completely blew my mind. One of my favorite goods on display was Aura’s tea. It was my first encounter with tea as an art form, and I didn’t know what to make of it. After speaking with Aya, the product’s developer, she was able to show me her vision for the product and how difficult it was for her to create a tea that tasted as delicious as she wanted while keeping the relaxing effect she desired.

This contact demonstrated to me that art may exist in any shape or form, prompting me to purchase and sample the tea.

There was also some amazing drawings and painting that depicted life throughout the eyes of its creator. The talented Jordan Daniele has an interesting view, and an interesting way of showing it.

His drawings were a pleasure for the eye, and each one of them had you wondering about their meaning, which is, from my perspective, one of the main reasons we make art. We want the viewer to interpret it in his way.

His work can be found on his Instagram

Then the shows began, and I had the opportunity to see Prince Amine perform live on stage. I’ve been watching him for a long time and have seen him develop as an artist while not knowing him personally. I was taken aback by his ease on stage. Most musicians often need to improve their ability to share their energy to people who are here to support and listen to them.

Prince Amine, on the other hand, has the ability to do that without a doubt. The performance, coupled with the dancers, was great, and the crowd showed it’s appreciation. For a young artist, his poise on set and command of his craft are impressive, and we at Vanta look forward to see what the future holds for him.

Writer’s Favorite

To sum up, this event was great from the start. I had a lot of pleasure as a journalist engaging with different personalities and artists from all professions. Montreal is an unlimited supply of talent, and only we, Montrealers, will be able to tap into this diamond mine.

Music, dance, culinary art, and design are all examples of creative expression.

Whatever the case may be, Montreal is a star just waiting for the proper opportunity to shine brightly.

Find Rise n Connect and Rsing Star on Instagram to stay on the look out for future events!


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