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The Importance Of A Good Mix

Why It’s important to have a well mixed and mastered beat.

And the difference it makes.


Mixing and Mastering is a practice in music that consists of ”Leveling” all instruments, voices and others in a beat or song. This step is way too often rushed or not carefully done. By making sure the beat is well mixed and mastered, you are creating coherence and flow between all elements of your track. This will allow more space for your vocals to shine as well.

A beat that’s not well mixed will seem ”weak”, as if the instruments don’t stick together. The voice might also be choked up or in contrary, too loud and over processed. Through out a healthy beat, all instruments should dance together.


Writer’s note : This is my favorite one. Dimension Is VERY important when it comes to a beat. It makes it breathe, come alive. Allowing you to feel and have an experience when you listen to the song. All that is achieved through the mixing and mastering. When mixing, the producer will listen to his beat and determine strategically what element goes where to ”stimulate” the brain of the listener. This is the same thing for mixing and mastering the voices.

Well mixed beats should have textures , dimensions, movement and depth. If you feel like a beat is flat, there is probably an issue with the mix. Although, feel is a personal taste.


When mixing and mastering, producers will usually listen to their beats on multiple devices, making sure it sounds right on all of them. A beat can sound clearer and bassier in the studio but once you listen to it on your phone those elements might just fade away. Producers will adjust the levels so that doesn’t happen. When choosing a beat, make sure it is well mixed. Recording on a beat that isn’t leveled will not only be hard to fix but also will not give you the outcome you wish for.

When choosing your studio make sure the engineer knows what he’s doing from that standpoint. *Side note, we believe mix and mastering should always be included in the price because it’s a given.


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