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Born in Montreal in 1999, at a young age Q-PiiiD is already a very promising artist. With Montreal running thru his veins, he brings to the city something different and something a lot of us have been longing for. Using wordplaysrhymes and catchy flows ; A voice tinted of Lil Wayne and a unique personality and style Q definitely has something to watch out for.

I had the chance to have a talk with him about his life and music. For Q-Piiid, music has always been around. Even in the VERY beginning. His mother would put earphones with music on her belly during her pregnancy. He remembers in 6th grade realizing that he loved the piano.

It’s really in Highschool where he started taking music more seriously. He started developing an unhealthy relationship with school and found refuge in his love for music, it was easy for him. 

I was going out with people and they started to like what I was doing so I guess I just kept going.


He went on to release his first song on Soundcloud called ”Cool kids’‘ but that didn’t last long. Q-PiiiD recalls getting annoyed by the track after one summer and deleting it. While recording his first song Q was frustrated because the autotune wasn’t coming out right. 

Let’s just say that since then he learned to master the booth.


I was curious and asked him about his name, Q-PiiiD recalls being in a dark place when he got the idea and said that this name helped him thru this period. He remembers trying different ways to write it and till he found the perfect combination of ”Q-PiiiD” and it just felt right.

Lyric wise Q-PiiiD is a natural but he also likes to feed his inspiration on things around him or things that happened to him. Whenever he gets an idea of a melody or a phrase he has the habit of writing it down or just recording it on his phone. 

I wont lie, when I get pissed off I usually write a lot, when I say pissed off it’s not just angry it’s like annoyed or if I have nothing to do. I’m the type of person that writes a lot thru out the day .


When I asked him about things he wished he knew sooner he said that making music needs more work than you’d think. You need to only rely on yourself because at the end of the day people around you will come and go but you will be the only one left.

When we say we’re self made it’s not to say we never got help from anybody , it means that when the bullshit comes the last person standing is always you.


For his future Q will be releasing more music and eventually start producing , mixing and mastering. He wishes for more prosperity and blessings in his life and that’s all we want for him.

For real I’m not here to play but to stay, that’s the only shit I wanna say.


With Montreal becoming more and more prominent in the music industry. Q-PiiiD is definitely one of the names you want to remember.

Writer’s Favorite


The clip is 2:51 minutes directed, filmed, produced by K1 and presented by QRZYWRLD. It premiered on March 16th 2021. In the clip we take the backseat to what almost feels like a day in Q-PiiiD’s life, following him around in a cold a wintery Montreal city. We get to hang out with Q and his boys in a few time lapses, share a spliff in a neon purple room and watch him vibe to his tune as we vibe with him in distance. This clip is very much home made style which fits right into Q-Piiid’s aesthetic.


STAMINA was recorded, produced, mix and mastered by RobyStudios. The song is a 2:49 minutes of pure VIBES. It’s a Trap beat lightly influenced by Pop. The track is 153 BPM, this will definitely get your head swinging but the melody will still keep you in that chill feel good vibe. It premiered as a single on March 16th 2021.

Stamina Definition

[ The bodily or mental capacity to sustain a prolonged stressful effort or activity ; The moral or emotional strength to continue with a difficult process, effort, etc. ]

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionnary


Lyric wise stamina is about stamina, obviously, but you can also find thru out the song themes and highlights about not being able to trust anyone or being straight up better on your own . There are references about being successful and also being unapologetically yourself. I got the feeling while looking closer at the lyrics that Q-PiiiD was really emanating the energy of here I am, this is me, take it or leave it but I’ll push thru.

”I ask the stars for some guidance, I can’t trust a soul. I heard your n***** are around they looking for my soul.”

Q-PiiiD in STAMINA (Writer’s favorite Lyrics)


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