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Lanova’s Galactical Launch

leila lanova,galactica

It all started with a Dm. I mean… doesn’t it always?

Usually I don’t expect much. In this industry, being an A&R / PR / HR, when you shoot your shot, you have to be ready to be left hanging.

When I DM’ed Leila Lanova I kind of expected the same… However, I was surprised by first a response and second, the warmth and kindness she had towards me.
As a woman in music, I love seeing strong, talented women shine, especially women in my city.
I think this is where we connected.

On May 23 2022 Leila Lanova announced on her Instagram with an official post that she was releasing her first album:

The day after I received an unexcepted Dm.
It was Lanova herself sending me an invite to her album launch party. The invite was on brand,
giving galactic, spatial vibes with touches of chrome and dark blue. And a QR code.

leila lanova,galactica

When I scanned the QR code, it took me to the official invite that contained all the information I needed. There was a description on how and where Leila found her inspiration for her album.

Leila Lanova inspired herself from the night and stars. It’s after her last stay in Europe, between nightly studio sessions and train rides that she let herself get carried and create her universe. She decides to explore the duality that exists within her to deliver music that travels between a sound of R&b with flavors of Lofi-pop, Trap/drill or even Zouk/Afro.”

There was also a quote:

“ Galactica est l’arme et la séduction. En réalisant cet album, je fais face aux questions que je me pose: La revanche ou le pardon? Aimer ou laisser? Comment baisser ma garde sans regretter ce choix? “


Galactica is the weapon and the seduction. While making this album I was faced with questions I ask myself: Revenge or Forgiveness? Loving or letting go? How can I let my guard down without regretting this decision? ” – LL

This is where it started to sink in, the level of dedication, hard work and vision that Leila Lanova had towards her art, craft and work ethic.

The event

Now, I won’t lie … and if you know me it won’t come as a surprise. The night of the event I was a BALL of nerves. I did not know what to expect as this was new territories for me. But I channeled my inner boss energy and went in head on.

Location : Clandestino bar , Montréal , Canada

As I went down dark, candle light wooden stairs and through curtains, I entered into a dark and smoky room… The location was mystic, magical and kind of a travel to Morocco. I was greeted by a crowd of beautiful chill people, artists of all kinds, and staff catering to my every needs. There was deep eclectic house music, a ceiling of vines of roses. In the back corner there was a wall where Leila’s music videos were projected and going in a loop almost like a kind of hologram.

clandestino bar
clandestino bar 2

Photos taken from the Clandestino’s official instagram, Video from Vanta media’s Writer.

As the night went on the vibes were setting in. Then it was time for the showcase.

Leila was dressed in black biker shorts with a hot pink long sleeve turtle neck, Combined with a strapped black body suit, a black oversized tux jacket and gold jewelry but the real show stopper were the over the knees latex high heeled boots.

Photos by Karine Larocque @Kaeroc on instagram

She started with her first song , going down the track list one song at the time. The way her songs are placed creates a climb in the energy while also keeping a story line.

I need to shoutout as well the remix of ”Ché pas aimer” made by @sim_mtl. We had the honor for him to play it to end the show case that night and it left us in the most perfect high note.

The Craft

Leila Lanova is a master with words, using witty bars and texts that are relatable to most women but also men. While she writes mostly in French she still finds ways to incorporate other languages. What really stands out to me is her catchy rhythms and flows. She definitely has a strength with finding choruses that will get stuck in your head. I find myself listening to some songs on repeat just because I want to sing along and can’t get enough.

Leila has a sweet voice, like honey and hides a little raspiness that comes out here and there to give a little sexy spice. Her voice is high pitched and soft yet still she plays with a wide range of notes and riffs that will give you butterflies.

Also, we can’t ignore the fact that this woman can basically hop on ANY beat. On this album there is a little of everything and all styles blend together.

leila lanova,galactica
Lesnovas, notez bien ceci: ❤️‍🔥 Voici la tracklist de G A L A C T I C A qui sortira demain. Ce vendredi. Juste avant le week-end 🥂 (Lesnovas, take note of this : Here’s the tracklist for G A L A C T I C A which is coming out tomorrow. This friday. Just before the week-end)

« Galactica est l’arme et la séduction. En réalisant cet album, j’ai fait face aux questions que je me pose: La revanche ou le pardon ? Aimer ou laisser ? Comment baisser ma garde sans regretter ce choix ? »

Je compte sur chacun de vous pour faire passer le message. Faudra activer l’3cHosyTèm3. (I’m counting on each of you to pass the message. We will need to activate the echosystem.)

Moi je gère le voyage. On a rendez-vous à 00:00. (I’m handling the trip. We meet at 00:00.)

Merci à mes acolytes @foukizay & @denzo_gbf 🥷🏽🥷🏼 (Thank you to my sidekicks @foukizay & @denzo_gbf)

PRESAVE dans ma bio 👽 (PRESAVE in my bio)

Photography by @vladimvilain 🌹

A très vite. (See you very soon)

Writer’s Favs

Even though all of the songs really struck a chord with me I was able to narrow down my selection to three official favorites. Hard drive, Pire que toi and Alias.

Alias – Leila Lanova ft. Denzo

Produced by Koyo

” Vas-y donne ton blaze – J’t’ajoute oublies pas de like – Sinon follow sur insta – Dm si tu penses à moi – Mais moi tard le soir c’est tes mots qui me parlent tout bas – Tes bras qui me gardent – J’connais les coins de ton âme ”

Leila Lanova , Alias Ft Denzo

Hard drive – Leila Lanova

” J’ai tout dans ma mémoire comme un Hard drive – Une fois sur deux j’ai le coeur qui déraille – Je ne veux rien oublier c’est dur de savoir – Je ne veux rien oublier mais c’est dur de savoir ”

Leila Lanova , Hard drive

Pire que toi – Leila lanova

Produced by Dicee

” Depuis le départ j’te fais ramer l’enfer – J’te ferais mal – C’est moi qui est pire que toi – tout ca est criminel ”

Leila Lanova , Pire que toi

Based on what I’ve gathered so far, I can confidently say that Leila Lanova is a hard worker, a visionary. She has a strong image, astral, galactic, powerful. Building her community one day at the time. Since her album release, Leila has continued to show that she belongs and that her talent is undeniable.

She is making her way to the top and there is no stopping her. No wonder her last name is Lanova.

NOVA, plural Novas, or Novae, any of a class of exploding stars whose luminosity temporarily increases from several thousand to as much as 100,000 times its normal level.

Listen to Galactica:

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