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How To Inspect A Mix

From a song writer standpoint.

What to do when you receive a final mix & how to verify quality.


Music is 100% subjective by nature. It’s important to have a reference before you decide whether you like a song or not. When listening to a final mix, you need to proceed with the same mindset. Your ears want to hears sounds louder or quieter than other’s.

Sound engineers follow songwriters directives by the letter. If you provide a reference song for a mix, your song will have the same balance as the reference. Do not send a bad reference to your engineer.


As a songwriter, it can get confusing to talk about volume and loudness. Both are very specific terms in a mix situation. Volume in a .WAV file is measured in decibels relative to full scale (dbFS). The Loudness factor is measured in LUFS (loudness unit full scale).

Engineers make sure your song will peak at -0.3 dbFS with loudness sitting at -14LUFS (standard for streaming). ”Louder” “Volume” does not equal better mix. Asking your engineer to break the rules can result in your song to distort when speakers are set to maximum volume.

Mix check

You can use : to determine if your song is well mixed for streaming

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