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Memoria by Jazzy Bazz , seen by J.D

Let me start by saying ; I’ve been enlightened.

I don’t know where I was or where I’ve been. Maybe under a rock. I had heard before of Jazzy Bazz when his song Leticia went viral in 2018 but Jazz took it to a whole other level starting 2022 with a BOMB.

On January 21st Jazzy released an Album called ”Memoria” ; 17 songs, 7 features, 47 mins and 55 seconds long. The list of features is impressive, counting some of the best and most promising French artists at the moment. In order of appearance : Alpha Wann, Josman, EDGE, Nekfeu, Robdbloc, Laylow. This is a MAJOR power move and something we also all needed right now.


Jazzy Bazz is the definition of versatile. He can hop on basically any beat, any BPM, any style or flow. It’s impressive. The other thing is the level of consistency throughout the album. Every song is just as good as the last and the next. They flow into each other. The lyrics are powerful and mixed with the artists voice you feel like you are being shaken and slapped but also rocked and comforted for almost 48 minutes.

It’s a journey my friends. Buckle in.

Beat wise it is VASTE. You will find some classic Boombap ( Zone 19 ft EDGE ), some Jazz mixed with synth and new gen ( Albiceleste ft Josman ), Dark Trap ( Panorama ft Alpha Wann ), a drill beat mixed with jazz ( Memoria ) and I can’t skip that classic piano sonata meets a boombap trap beat? ( D.Ieu ). Trying to describe the songs in this album or the overall vibe is nearly impossible.

Big up to the team behind the production, because they are sounds we’ve never heard before. Or, we’ve rarely heard.

Jazzy has a french on POINT. Might seem like a given for a French rapper but I say this because it’s next level. His diction is clear, you can catch every word he says. Every rhyme just slides on the beat without a fault. In 2022, the movement of auto-tune and mumble rap has been rising in the last few years… With this album, we get raw voice, crispy tone and textures. We are back to the basics of rap, the skills, the voice, lyrics and beat.

Nothing less, pure talent and art.

Who is Jazzy Bazz? His real name is Ivan he was born on April 24th 1989 making him 32. Ivan has always been into rap but started doing it seriously in his teenage years. His success story really started when he appeared on the third edition of french rap battle called RAP CONTENDERS where he won against his opponent Pand’or.

He later went on to win the fifth edition of RC in 2012 and retired from rap battles with his crown.

Jazzy released his first album in 2016 called ”P-Town” (let me add that in 2022 Gunna just released a VIRAL song called Pushing-P and the term ”P” is beyond viral, so I think we can also add to Jazzy Bazz’s resume that he is an avant-gardist) he later released his second album in 2018 called ”Nuit” , his third in 2021 called ”Private Club” and now his forth in 2022 called ”Memoria”.

When I initially wrote this article which was a few days after the release (21-01-2022) this was the big picture : The artist now has about 857 586 monthly listeners on Spotify which we expect to go up in the next year following the release of this album. His current most popular song of the album is .RAW Spleen and his most streamed is Panorama at 1 624 588 streams.

Right now, as of march 2022 Jazzy Bazz has 1 108 301 monthly listeners , his most popular song is Albiceleste and the most streamed is Élément 115 at 4 399 582 streams.

SOUNDBATH – Hear your Knowledge


PanoramaJazzy Bazz Ft Alpha Wann – 126BPM G minor

Panorama by Jazzy Bazz ft Alpha wann released on January 6th 2022

Panorama hits hard. It’s aggressive and in your face, the type of song you’ll blast in your car on the highway. There’s a Violin in the beat giving a severe and almost ”horror movie” vibe. Alpha Wann is known for his talent with words so lyric wise this track is candy. The lyrics are about flexing, winning and success but their is also some parts in there about the struggles of a man.

Surprenant qu’les Grammys n’aient pas encore pensé à me nominer (c’est surprenant)

J’te calcule pas, toi t’es tuba, j’ai juste fait des rimes et j’ai gagné du cash

Jazzy Bazz : PANORAMA

”Surprising that the Grammys didn’t think to nominate me yet (it’s surprising) ; I don’t count you in, You’re defeated, I just made rhymes and made money.”

Writer’s Favorite

AlbicelesteJazzy Bazz Ft Josman – 120BPM B Minor

Albiceleste by Jazzy bazz ft. Josman released on January 21st 2022

Albiceleste is in your feelings song. With a simple yet intricate beat, a soft guitar and a bass that tunes with your heart.

Jazzy’s voice and Josman’s fit and compliment each other into a kind of a dance. Jazzy brings the rougher parts, his lyrics are rapped and straight forward. Josman is in the chorus, his voice is soothing and he sings his lyrics.

The overall theme seems in the first part to be about a heartbreak and the way we hurt. In the second part the artist starts getting real about his experience in France, his struggles and his roots referring to when his mother left Argentina but also mentioning for the first and only time the term ” Albiceleste ”.

Meurtri dans ma peau, quand j’pense à maman, disant ciao à la miff’ avant d’fuir l’Argentine en bateau

Mais admire ce lust, Albicéleste, j’déboule en sens inverse, les faux amis m’délaissent (ouais)


”Wounded in my skin, when I think of mommy saying ciao to the family before running from Argentina in a boat ; But admire this lust, Albiceleste, I tumble in the opposite direction, fake friends abandon me (yeah) ”

My Favorite passage has to be this one :

Quand j’ai plus d’arguments, je lève le majeur

J’protège trop mon cœur, tellement de vécu au compteur

J’ressens les vibes en deux s’condes et direct je plonge dans le son en profondeur


”When I have no arguments left, I raise my middle finger ; I protect my heart too much, So much experience to my timer ; I feel the vibes in two seconds and directly I dive deep into the music.”

Jazzy Bazz has definitely started this year with a bang. He also released a single on February 23rd 2022 called Fauves with Zamdane and it’s a vibe too. The music industry in general came in hard for 2022. This album really shows how the rap culture is evolving and how the older generation of rappers are mixing with the new gen rappers and beatmakers. New gen is here and it’s HOT. We can’t wait to see what he has for us next but for now, I’ll personally have the album Memoria looped.

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