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BeatPass Premium Unified Non Exclusive Agreement



The following serves as a legally binding agreement between Alliance Productions (“Licensor”) and You (“Licensee/Buyer”). This agreement grants the Licensee/Buyer certain non-exclusive rights to the song being licensed. 

Payment: The Licensee agrees to pay the Licensor a non-refundable fee of $59.99/Month for the non-exclusive use of any Instrumental that is being licensed in this Agreement, for the purpose of creating a new composition. 

Term: This non-exclusive license agreement shall never expire from the execution of this agreement, unless the Licensee chose to upgrade the Non-Exclusive Beat Lease license to an Exclusive Beat Licence. 

Master Recording: Licensor hereby grants Licensee the non-exclusive right to record and synchronize vocals and/or instruments to the Instrumental to create one (1) new composition. This license does not authorize use of the Instrumental in additional compositions. The Licensee must obtain an additional license from Licensor for any additional composition using the Instrumental. The Licensee shall not edit the Instrumental in any way including but not limited to by changing the arrangement, removing or altering melodies, instruments, drum and rhythm programming, or sounds that are contained within the Instrumental. 

Profitable Distribution: Licensee may distribute one (1) version of the Master Recording for profitable use. Licensee may distribute no more than two hundred thousand (200 000) copies of the Master Recording. 

Ownership Rights: Licensor retains all rights on behalf of the composer, in and to the Instrumental including all rights in and to the underlying composition. Licensor may continue to sell or license the Instrumental non-exclusively and/or exclusively. Licensee shall not sell or license the rights to the Instrumental whether in whole or part to any other party. In the event Licensor sells exclusive rights to the Instrumental, you shall retain your non-exclusive rights subject to the terms and limitations of this agreement. The Licensee and the instrumental composer shall split equal royalties (50%-50%).

Credit: Licensee shall afford production credit to Licensor on all copies of and advertisements for recordings containing Instrumental. The credit shall be substantially in the form: “Produced by (Alliance Productions Composer Name)” 

Sample Clearances: Licensee is hereby notified that the Instrumental may contain samples. The Licensee shall be responsible for clearing all samples. Licensor shall not be liable for the use of any sampled material by Licensee in any new composition. 

By agreeing or selecting the "BUY" option below, you (the Licensee/Buyer) declare that you have read, understood, and agreed to the above terms of agreement. You further agree that any breach of this contract shall result in the revocation of the non-exclusive license and termination of this agreement with no refund.

Violation of the terms of this agreement may constitute a violation of copyright law.