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BeatPass offers hundreds of instantly downloadable beats under one subscription model. Subscribe & cancel any time.

Pro Beatmakers

We constantly hunt for talented composers to give our members choice and variety. BeatPass is all about the next new sound.

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Quickly tap into the right beats with our meticulously curated playlists, grouping beats with similar instruments and BPM.

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Enjoy 20% OFF exclusive licensing with BeatPass Premium membership, 50% OFF Ghost Engineering and a 100$* OFF Studio sessions

BeatPass™ is the future of beat licensing

The first of its kind. Get unlimited access to our non exclusive beats with one unified license. Subscribe & download all the beats you want and if you cancel your subscription, you get to keep your beats forever!

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  • 50% Ownership
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Cancel Any Time
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  • One time fee
One time fee
Per Beat
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  • Free Press Kit
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Complete Ownership

* Studio Discount range from 75$CAD and 100$CAD, depending on your studio session time. Studio Discount cannot be exchanged for money or credit. Ghost Engineer discount is only available for BeatPass Premium members. Premium members will have their own discount codes that can be used across AP’s platforms. Ghost Engineer is a remote mixing and mastering service. Premium members can request discounted EPK and Interviews from Vantamedia. Contact Vantamedia for more information.

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